Published by: Big Potato Games Game Design: Rikki Tahta Artists: Ben Drummond, Zoe Lee Plays: 3 to 8 players (5 to 7 best experience) Time: 10- 15 minutes The Recipe Word game Deduction and deception Family and party crowd Going into this review, I started to reminisce about moments with my family playing Guesstures and... Continue Reading →


Publisher: Marc Specter, Grand Gamers Guild Game Design: Jason Slingerland Game Art: Corinne Roberts Graphic Design: Chris Kirkman Players: 2-5 Ages 13+ Play Time: 15 minutes I found out about Grand Gamers Guild by clicking through random YouTube videos, as I often do. After watching the Unreal Estate video preview, I was excited about gettimg... Continue Reading →


Review: The Quests for Valeria Publisher and Developer: Daily Magic Games Game Design: Isaias Vallejo Illustrations: Mihajlo Dimitrievski Copy and Editing: Sarah Bolland and Cardboard Edison Graphic Design: Chris Kirkman Players: 1-5 Ages 14+ Play Time: 30 - 45 minutes  In the Quests of Valeria, The Guild Masters of New Shilina recruit citizens from the... Continue Reading →

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