Kickstarter Interview: Dice Hospital Creator and Designer Stan Kordonskiy

Since I live in Milwaukee, I had the opportunity to sit down with the creator and designer of Dice Hospital, Stan Kordonskiy. After eating a couple wings and grabbing beer #1, I asked him questions about Dice Hospital.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and about how Dice Hospital came to be?

Stan: I have been playing games for about 20 years or so and started designing my own games about 10 years ago as a hobby for myself and then eventually I had a few designs I was working on.  Eventually, this was one that I saw through until completion.  I ended up self-publishing it through Game Crafter.  It lingered there for a little awhile and I moved on to other things and then I was contacted by a publisher out of UK called Alley Cat Games.  We started a relationship.  I licensed it to the company and now they are producing it.

Images of specialists. The are not represent final art.

For the people who have no idea what the Dice Hospital is, give us an elevator pitch.

Stan: Each person starts with the exact same hospital.  It’s made of different rooms and it has a place to put dice in and the dice represent your patients.  There are a few ambulances in the middle of the table and each round they get loaded with random dice and then the ambulances would be drafted by players. They go into the player’s hospitals and populate their wards.  When they are on, they become your responsibility as patients.  It’s a work replacement game with dice manipulation so you have a few meeples. This game as a few nice looking custom meeples at its basic version.  You are placing meeples in the rooms and whatever room you go to corresponds to a die manipulation. Some rooms you go to will increase dice of low value, high value, act on dice of certain color, or runs of dice of certain color.  It’s kind of a puzzle, you are trying to figure out the color and number of dice you want to draft so you can be the most efficient at increasing their value.  Once the die exceeds the value of six, it moves on to discharge area. From there on you move on to scoring and it depends on how many you can discharge in the round.  You are setting yourself up for a turn or two and then have a big scoring.  Just try to keep the hospital as empty as possible because there is a bonus for that as well.

The images of rooms and ambulances. The images do not represent the final product.

You have Facebook Group for Dice Hospital. Can you talk about the benefits of having a Facebook group?

Stan: The group has been great.  There is over 1000 members as of now.  The publisher is doing a really great job of updating people, showing new artwork, bouncing ideas off them, doing giveaways, or little contests.  The publisher has done a good job of keeping people engaged and I think that is why we have so many members.  I would recommend to any gamers that there is not a downside.

How do you feel about the art?  The fans seem so in to it.

Stan: I see that across the board.  The people who play board games also want to be heard. Very few people just want to be told about the final product.  They want to be part of the process. Giving the opportunity to them is great.  The art, I am thrilled with it.  The artist was the number one on my list for artists and the fact that the publisher went out and got this artist was a huge thrill for me.

Can you tell us about blind play testing and play testing this process?

Stan: I got a lot of help also from the publisher. I of course, play tested it on my original design. The game underwent a lot of changes once it got into the publisher’s hands and the co-designer came on board, Mike Nudd.  He brought in ideas and changes and then it had to be play tested again.  The publisher sent out the copies of the game and got feedback.  I was able to get compiled data and get a condensed summary of the play tested the results instead of spending all of my time play testing or observing play testing.  So, it was cool that a publisher did that to help me.

Prototype images of ambulance models. These do not represent the final product.

Is there any other information you would like everyone to know about going into the kick starter about Dice Hospital campaign, or any future projects?

Stan: I think the most exciting thing about this game is the Deluxe version of the game.  This basic version has cards that depict the ambulance and that is the card that the dice will be loaded into.  However, the deluxe version comes with a 3D printed ambulance which has slots for dice. I think it’s the best component I have ever seen for a game like this.  There is a ton of other stuff it comes with, extra rooms, extra specialist cards. When it hits the table with the 3D ambulances it really transports you into this whimsical kind of game where your dice (patients) are coming in and you are treating them, making them better, and scoring points.  It really brings it to life, which is a very cool thing.

Dice Hospital is seeking funding on Kickstarter starting today. Follow the link below:


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All images were grabbed from the Dice Hospital BGG image page.

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