Hey all,

This month, you will see content that’s a bit heavier than my party games and light games. This week I have reviews for a couple small box gems, but expect to see more October thematic content for the rest of the month. IF the Essen content planned goes well, prepare for some serious worker placement in November.


  • Afflicton Salem 1692 by DPH Games Inc.
  • Underlings and Underwings by TPG (The Pericles Group)
  • Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove by Certafiable Studios
  • Witches of the Revolution by Atlas Games
  • Clthulu the Deck Building Game by Wyvern Gaming
  • 2 KS Previews I cannot share the details at this moment.

I expect to be busy this month. I have written or recorded interviews in the works and just a stuff….CONTENT! I hope to see more people on the page and I will continue to put my best effort out there. Grow with me, feel free to comment, or follow my blog.


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