Game Design: Manny Vega

Published by: Breaking Games

Plays: 3 to 8 players

Time: 15 minutes

The Recipe

  • Hand management
  • Uno-like game play
  • Light take that mechanics

I passed by the Sparkle Kitty demo at Gencon several times. I didn’t really give it too much attention because I was hunting down the biggest bestest hottest titles in board gaming! By the third day, I finally stopped by to witness the full experience of Sparkle Kitty and wow…just wow! Sparkle Kitty is the type of game that should be added to the list of  “new classic”party games. While it’s easy to look at the box and state it’s a kids party game for girls, there is so much opportunity in that box to create a completely ridiculous 15 minutes of your life.


The premise of the game is a bunch of princesses are trapped in Cursed “No-Cursing” towers by a cat named Sparkle Sparkle Kitty. You (players) have to cast magical spells to free yourself. Cutie, simple, straight to the point.

Set Up

Each player picks one of the ten princess and creates their tower. To create a tower, players take four of the nine cards dealt to them and blindly put them face down below their princess to create a tower. The five remaining cards make up the players hand. The first person to remove all of their Tower Cards wins!

Standard setup with tower and starting hand.

The Turn

You can take several actions during their turn. You can play a card from your hand on to the spell book. The cards must match the color or symbol of the cards on the spell book. When a card is played, the active player has to say the new magic spell created.

In this situation, the player would say “CHICKN’ BUNNY!”

You can play a Dark Magic Card next their tower, not on the spell book! The advantage of playing Dark Magic Cards is the ability to play a card from you hand to another player’s tower. Playing this card at the right time grants you the ability to play a card instead of having to pass and draw. There is a draw back, for the rest of the game you must say the Dark Magic word and the Spell Book words together. If you forget and get called on it, you add a card to your tower.

 Dark Magic Cards add one card from your hand to any player’s tower. But remember to say the Dark Magic words with your new spell.

You can play Super Special Cards that are wild cards but also allow you to play all your cards, make others draw up to full hands, removing cards from you castle if this is the last card you play.

Special Cards are game changers when played correctly.

Lastly, you can pass and draw a card….BORNING!

How Do You Win the Game Princess?

The game ends when a player (princess) removes all their tower cards or the deck runs out, the smallest tower wins. You have multiple ways to get rid of them. The first and slowest way, is to empty your hand. Simply play all the cards, remove the bottom card from your tower and draw back up to a full hand.

The most entertaining way to get rid of cards is by playing doubles. ANY TIME a player has a word that matches any word on the spell book, they have to yell “DOUBLE” and the word. Then you draw a card from their tower into their hand. You can double a doubled word by saying “DOUBLE DOUBLE.” Then you draw two cards from the tower into your hands.

In this situation, the player would say “DOUBLE GLITTER!”


In this situation, the player would say “DOUBLE DOUBLE GLITTER!”

Sparkle and Kitty Cards can only be played when they match the colors of the current Spell Card. Sparkle and Kitty Cards are another way to draw from your tower into your hand. That’s all the rules, simple, silly and amazing.



Sparkle Kitty, is a home run for me. I have played this game every lunch gaming session since it came in the mail. I love a game that makes it hard to not smile or laugh at each other. Sparkle Kitty proves that fun doesn’t have an age limit.  I am excited about Sparkle Kitty Uno-like gameplay and the new wave of party games that take elements of classic games and find their own twist on them. We need more games like this on the market, we need more laughs, more silly goose excitement. If you are looking for a game to win  over any crowd, this is the game you want to add to your collection. I can’t wait for the opportunity to share this game with a wider audience. You can purchase Sparkle Kitty by Breaking Games here.

I hope you like my review. Please leave comments below and hopefully you follow the site for future content on the page.


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