D-Day Dice 2nd Edition Demo Giveaway……


I noticed there was a spike in viewers this week and I think I know why. Well I want to cater to your interest by passing along my demo set. I talked with the publisher to maker sure it’s fine so here we go!

How do you enter?

  1. I’ll keep this one simple.  Follow the blog and/or comment below about why you are interested in the game gets you entered and it also keeps you updated on the future content from my site. Tons of solo games, new hotness and other hidden gems.

When does it end?

Monday 11/14/2017 11:59 PM. I don’t want to get in the way of anyone else as far as bigger giveaways. I’m a smaller blogger. The giveaway post will disappear on Tuesday the 14th.

What do you get?

D-Day Dice Demo Set: It comes with enough dice, item cards, and player aids for 4 players. You would have to make copies of this prototype reference sheet they sent me. I will send a ONE full set of dice and resource card from the original so you get the feel for the quality of the components. I PAY FOR SHIPPING! See Picture





EVERYTHING IS SENT AS IS. If I forgot to send something, I will send it to you so please remember that this is not a full game.

This my first attempt at a giveaway, so please take it easy on me. so if you want to be a part of my pretty generous Christmas giveaway……you may wanna follow the blog or head over to Twitter @jambapg

34 thoughts on “D-Day Dice 2nd Edition Demo Giveaway……

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  1. Sweet giveaway. Honestly, until I read your review I hadn’t heard much about the game. But it grabbed my interest. It sounds like a fun game for solo and being I tend to play mostly solo anymore, I’m always interested in trying new games. This one looks like a lot of fun!

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      1. I am pretty sure I did follow it via the thing up top. I have a WordPress blog as well, so it should have followed it that way.

        I looked for this on KS (I thought it was supposed to launch today?) and didn’t see it.


  2. I’m very excited about the return of D-Day dice and I’m also excited to find another great reviewer. As much as my bank account hates it, I’m always looking for new and great games. JambalayaPlaysGames covers and discusses stuff I want to know more about.

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  3. The 1st edition was high on my wishlist, so a kickstarter for a 2nd edition is definitely something I can’t miss. I’d love to play this solo, but also introduce it to more friends 🙂


    1. Well if you win the demo you can at least wet your appetite! Please join the blog if you would like to see more of my reviews. It helps me a lot of course and I have lots of solo content coming through the holidays.


    1. Then you picked th right game. I think the 2nd Edition will go for a deeper historical experience. Doubling down on the theme. Thanks for the comment and please give the blog a follow if you choose.


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