I wanted to give new visitors and followers something nice for the holidays. I am offering a $50.00 gift certificate to one lucky person. It’s a an easy Gleam contest. Here is one condition that will be added. If you follow the blog, I will throw in an extra entry for you. Maybe you can buy or pre-order that game someone didn’t pick up for you on Christmas. Contest end on December 26th. I will fill this site up with ideas before the holidays are over, trust me! Have a good weekend.

Click the link below:

Please share a game you can’t wait to play with family members, partner or gaming group in the remaining days of 2017. If you want to share why or tell more feel please do! Comment Below!





Add yours

  1. I want to play the Terraforming Mars expansion “Venus: Next” with my girlfriend, I have already tried it and thought it was great. However we have a big “feud” about who wins more TM games, and it must go on 😛
    Thanks for the contest!


  2. I can’t wait to finally have time to play Twilight Struggle with the dear friend who gave me this as a totally unexpected birthday present. Starting to solve cases in Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, maybe near a warm fireplace, would be nice also. 🙂 Thanks for the giveway!


    1. Of course sir. Gloomhaven front runner for the GOY. Too Many Bones isn’t far behind. Follow the blog, I would appreciate it. I have bigger projects coming up. Especially KS projects.


  3. Just started with this amazing hobby last month so I do have a lot to make up to! I would really love to have a legacy game. Perfect to start the coming year!


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