“I Appreciate You” Series 2017

Hey all,

It’s almost the end of the year! I’m starting to reflect on my board gaming experiences this year. First thought, what a year!  I wasn’t sure how to whittle down all the awesome games that I played this year. What I want to do is find a way to share as many great games and experiences as possible with you and steer clear of ranking games. I will most likey do a GOTY, but I will stay away from categories.

I decided create a “I Appreciate You 2017” series, to share some of my favorite experiences at the table this year. Some of the games you will see aren’t 2017 releases, but still made an impact on me this year. Each post will be short and sweet just like this one. I’ll give a quick overview and maybe a story that goes a little deeper than surface level excitement.

Please feel free to share some of the games you appreciate from this year. If you had a boardgaming experience that stuck with you…..share your story! If you have any question about the games I spotlight for a particular post, please ask away. My Christmas giveaway ends on December 25th, so if you’re just stopping by the site for the first time, click on the giveaway post!


12 thoughts on ““I Appreciate You” Series 2017

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  1. At my “family Christmas” last week, we had three games going at the same time, ages ranging from 4 to 55. Kingdomino, Roll For It, and Spot It. I am a “heavy” solo gamer, but this was the highlight of my year. especially since I bought two of those games for family members as gifts. Games are great, but family is EVERYTHING.


    1. That’s awesome. My son showed me he knows how to play worker placement games. We played Montana and Harvest. I appreciate those moments. Happy Holidays. Thanks for commenting!


    1. I was completely blown away by GWT. It’s one of my favorite games of all time. Smart design and it’s one of those games where one strategy doesn’t win all the time. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. I became more involved in boardgaming in 2017. I am not full board into super in-depth games yet but consider myself a gateway level. I really like Takenoko and Allhambra, two new ones this year. I play mostly with wife and kids so those type of games. Cheers to all and Happy New Year of gaming possibilities.


    1. I have a couple suggestions for you. Mysterium, Dream Home, and Purrlock Holmes. All are great for family style gaming and have another level for adults. Especially Dream Home. Thanks for stopping by and follow the blog. I cover lighter games all the way to heavy euro games.


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