Triplock: I Appreciate You Series 2017

Published by: Chip Theory Games

Designed by: Josh and Adam Carlson

Plays: 1-2 player (3 player variant is possible) in about 15-30 minutes max.

I appreciate Chip Theory Games. Every game I own in their catalog, I haven’t been disappointed ONCE. The quality of their game starts from the packaging, to the components and of course the gameplay. I also appreciate their interactivity with their fans and response to any customer service issues.

Their second release in 2017 was a surprise to die hards fans like myself, because they had just delivered on the Too Many Bones campaign. Triplock is yet another release that adds to their growing reputation of designing quality gaming experiences. Gaze upon the beauty of the packaging, components, and artwork of yet another Chip Theory gem.

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Unlocking Something Special

Triplock is a brainy, engaging and tense experience that’s worth every minute of your time. In a multiplayer game, it’s a race to 10 points or completing 5 diagrams cards with specific sequence requirements.  You can only score points from cards IF you can properly call out the sequence of the mechanism chips as shown on the diagram cards. Each Mechanism stack is made of one double sided yellow mechanism chip and it’s sandwiched between two failsafe chips that initially hide information from both players. On a player’s turn you roll dice that give you actions to allow you to peak under one of the failsafes, remove failsafes to expose information or just flip an entire stack (there are more actions). There’s a lot of moving parts to this game and by move I mean the whole row shifts and changes the order of mechanism stacks between rounds. There will be head scratching moments, but the payoff is awesome! You can play Triplock two player head to head, cooperative, 3 player (variant) and solitaire. The two player mode is a mental tug of war, where both players don’t want to give up any intel to their opponent. It’s worth you time and the price of entry ($22) makes it an easy purchase to suggest.

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Chip Theory Games always finds a way to make great multiplayer and solo experiences. In fact, the solo experience in Triplock could stand on its own as a campaign based game. The campaign in the base game called The Station, has four missions that change up the mechanics of the game to replace an opponent. The AI challenges you to complete tasks within a certain amount of rounds, while it altering the rules based on your actions. Each “Room” is trying to beat you. I don’t wanna to give too much away. Triplock really shows it’s hand with the solo play campaign and all you’ll discover is there’s more gameplay than you expected. I became a Chip Theory Games fan because of how thoughtful they are about creating content for solo players. The games they design meet all my needs for solo and multiplayer equally. Triplock….I APPRECIATE YOU

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