Dream Home: I Appreciate You Series 2017

Published by: Asmodee and Rebel

Designed by: Klemens Kalicki

Artist: Bartłomiej Kordowski

Plays: 2 to 4 players and works well at all player counts. 30 to 40 minutes

I don’t remember how I found out about Dream Home, but at this point it doesn’t matter. I love Dream Home. I can see how a game like this would be passed over on the shelves of our local game store. Maybe it looks like a “girly” game (a description that needs to become extinct) or some “cheesy” family game (HEY, I like cheesy stuff). Fine, but you’re really missing out. Dream Home has a special place in my permanent collection. The gameplay is easy to explain and the theme takes form as you lay each card(room) down on your little house player board. I mean, who doesn’t want to build their dream home? There’s minimal conflict and the worst that can happen is your roof looks silly or someone took away a row of cards you were waiting to snatch so you can finish a certain room set. Take a look at the pictures below to get an idea of what the boards and cards look like.

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Dream Home is a card drafting game where players acquire room and resource cards that fill up slots on their home player board.  The game is played over 12 rounds and each round is really quick. The starting player will be the first person to draft a column  of two cards from the five available columns.  The player will receive one resource card (contains: tools, helpers, roof pieces, décor) and one room card (contains: kitchen, living room, bedroom, playroom, and more). The cards you take must be placed on your home board. As spaces fill up, you want to prepare for end game scoring by fulfilling these conditions during play:

Combining multiple point scoring rooms together. The two card Kitchen (orange) is worth 6 points because they are adjacent. If you look upstairs, the two card (red) living room is worth 4 points, BUT had the possibility to be 9 points if one more card living room card was taken.


Fulfill functionality bonuses by creating the layout conditions on this card below.


Gain roof bonuses for matching colors vs any four roof cards.


Drafting decor that give extra points when they are added to your rooms or attached to your house.



More Than A Game

I appreciate Dream Home so much because of a moment I had with my family. After Thanksgiving dinner, I had the rare opportunity to get my wife, son, and mom to sit down and learn a game. I finally was able to share Dream Home with my family! Everyone enjoyed the game and I actually lost….by a tie breaker! So I walk my mother to her car and she says to me,

Mom: You remember when we used to sit and play board games together when you were little?

Me: Yeah, cause one Christmas I remember that’s all we did was play board games.

Mom: Yep, playing that game reminded me of how much fun we used to have playing together. Now we have a family to play with. We have to do this again and I want to play that game again.

That moment…memory….was created thanks to Dream Home.

From the players at my demo sessions, to my lunch crew, and my family, EVERYONE enjoyed playing Dream Home in 2017. This one is staying in my collection under untouchables. I APPRECIATE YOU DREAM HOME!





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