Review: Dream Home 156 Sunny Street Expansion

Published by: Asmodee, Rebel

Games Design: Klemens Kalicki

Artwork: Barttomiej Kordowski

A copy of Dream Home: 156 Sunny Street was provided by Asmodee for review. I want to thank them for supporting me. If you would like to find out more about the base game, please take a look at my I Appreciate You Series 2017 for Dream Home post.

What’s In The Box?

Contents include:

1 Additional board to add a 5th or 6th player option

1 extra scoring pad

2 Home Boards

24 Room Cards, 24 Resource Cards

12 Friend Cards, 12 Construction Cards

5 Decor Tokens

Additions to Your Dream Home

For current owners of the Dream Home base game, the 156 Sunny Street expansion provides a guide to mixing in the new cards to the base game. The process of creating a proper deck is a little clunky at first, but the instructions are very clearly written so it’s not a chore. For fear of sounding like an instruction booklet, I’ll move on.

Mo Boards, Mo Rooms

The two extra boards and a double sided display board allow a fifth and sixth players to join in on the fun. With more players come more cards and the new cards aren’t all repeats from the base game experience. One of the issues I have with the base game was the lack of basement card options. In most of the games I’ve played, there was a need to have more basement room options or more unique basement rooms. The expansion provides more basement cards to compensate for player count BUT, they also added the Boiler Room and Home Gym cards. The Home Gym card can be on any floor and with that option, any player can fill in the gaps for a basement or fulfill a Construction Card. Dream Home has a randomness due to draft order so, I appreciate a card that gives you options for placement.


Helpers, Decor, Roofs, and Tool Cards

The use of Helper and Tool Cards made the gameplay in the base game interesting, which made each playthrough feel different. There were a decent amount of options available and somehow with this expansion they found ways to introduce even better cards than the base game. My favorite of the new Helper Cards is the Engineer. I particularly like the Engineer card because it helps any novice or experienced player strategize a better setup or cover up for mistakes towards the end of the game. If you want to have a three card living room you can now use two floors to do so, with two cards on one floor and on on the other. Take a look at the pictures and see the possibilities you have with the Engineer card.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are three new Tool Cards, Digger, Toolbox, and Ladder. All three of them has game changing actions, but the Toolbox was the most appealing of the three. With the Toolbox, you can collect Tool Cards as you use them during the game. At the end of the game, you score one point for each tucked Tool Card plus one point for theToolbox Card.

Toolbox Card: This combo would score four total points.

Grabbing Decor Tokens in the base game of Dream Home was a low priority for me. There are 5 new tokens, but the only one that gives me a slight change of heart is the Dartboard token. The Dartboard token can be placed in two and three card rooms. I don’t think it’s a game changer, but if you draw any Construction Card with Decor Token conditions, then picking up a Dartboard can give you a nice little bonus. I appreciate the freedom and creativity potential the creativity of the Dartboard token.Take a look at the picture below.


Construction Cards

After playing Dream Home a few times, maybe you wanted a little more to-do than beat a score. The 156th Sunny Street expansion adds some gamer-y mission cards to add some thinky gameplay. There are six five point cards and six three point cards, with the five point cards being harder to complete. At the beginning of the game, players receive one three point card and one 5 point card. At the end of the game, you get points for the highest point value Construction Card you have completed. You can create a house rule and count both cards if a player completes both.  Three point cards are have common fulfillment conditions, like having a three card room or having a wine cellar/pantry. Five pointers ask you to pursue more risky fulfillment conditions like, collect three Decor tokens or place two bedrooms next to a bathroom. I personally don’t think any of the cards are too difficult, but I like the addition of having multiple goals to complete. Take a look at some of the pictures below if the Construction Cards.

12 Construction Cards

Friend Cards

Friend Cards work in a similar fashion as Construction Cards. During the setup, twice as many cards as players are dealt in an available area for everyone to grab. For example, four Friend Cards would be available to all players in a two player game. When a player fulfills the conditions of one Friend Card, they will slide it on the floor with the matched condition. You can only add one Friend Card per floor (basement excluded), so the maximum is two per player.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Solitaire Mode

I didn’t ask for it, I didn’t expect it and I’m so happy a solitaire mode is a part of this expansion. The game is still 12 rounds and plays just like a multiplayer game, with the exception of you having every column available to draft each round. You receive two Construction Cards just like a multiplayer game, but it’s up to you to complete as many of them as possible to boost your score.  In the solo mode, you can receive points for multiple Construction Cards. Another interesting twist to the gameplay in solitaire mode comes from the first player token column. Instead of the “First player action”, you will have access to choose the Supplier and Roofer Helper Cards or take two new Construction Cards. You can take the remaining card in the column if you choose not to take the other cards options. In terms of final scoring, the minimum score begins at 40 points and 60+ points is mastery level. I scored below 60 points three out of the five times I played, which makes me feel like the mode isn’t tacked on.

The Verdict

I love Dream Home and all I want with this expansion is slight gameplay changes that open the game up. The Sunny Street Expansion provides just enough to fulfill my expectations and more. The addition of Construction and Friend Cards are the highlight of the expansion. I look forward to introducing Dream Home to more diverse gaming groups. Having mission like cards makes the game appealing to more gaming groups outside of the casual or family audience I believe this game targets. The little details like having extra window roof cards, decor that actually matters, and the new rooms seem minor on the surface, but they add more choices, more strategy, more fun to an already great gaming experience. The artwork is still top notch and makes the game pop of the table everytime I play. I appreciate a game with a vibrant color scheme.

I can recommend the 156 Sunny Street expansion with confidence. Current owners of the base game might skip over this expansion, simply because they enjoy the base game as is. I respect your position, but I think this expansion adds enough to the game to make the experience worth it FOR ME. I hope to see more expansions with this amount of content in the future.




2 thoughts on “Review: Dream Home 156 Sunny Street Expansion

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  1. Did this expansion increase replay value of this game? One of the problems some reviewers exposed was low replay value of the base game. Thx


    1. The expansion add more cards with better gameplay. They also introduced mission cards amd more gamey concepts. It steps the gameplay a bit. The game will always be light at it’s core but it’s probably my favorite filler for friends and family.


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