Impressions of A4 Quest and the Page Quest: Mythical Artifacts Campaign

Published by: Thistroy Games, Board&Dice

Designers: Michał Jagodziński, Paweł Niziołek, Jarosław Wajs

Player Count and Time: 1 Player (10 to 15 min)

I returned to board gaming because of the adventure board game Mage Knight. It was heavy in theme, the battles were thinky, and it was just my kind of fun in a BIG box. I have a fairly large range of games that I enjoy now, but I always keep my eye out for the next adventure, action RPG, campaign based game I can dive into. A4 Quest was a project that I found out about by signing up for a newsletter. When I heard about an adventure one a sheet of paper and a campaign idea heading to Kickstarter, my curiosity was activated. I printed the sheets and played all the maps. I know this a one sheet adventure, but does A4 Quest give me any reason to care? Here are my thoughts.

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A4 Quest takes the full adventure of a game like Zelda and squeezes it all on one sheet of paper. You only need paper, five six sided dice, and six small marking pieces. You pick a map and the character that matches the specific map and you’re ready for adventure. What I enjoy about A4 Quest is the ease of entry. All of the iconography and actions are explained on the character sheet, so you probably won’t need to go back to the rules.

Your quest begins with rolling four dice to create an initial pool. Every turn begins with one mandatory move forward to next tile or panel. All tiles are free to move to, but to move through a panel, you must sacrifice a 2+ die to move forward. After movement you have to decide to take an action or rest. The actions all require one die. Take a look at the pictures below to see examples of the actions available.

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Combat is a mandatory event that must be resolved before an action or resting can begin. Combat puts your adventurer in a pressure filled journey. Of course you’re just chucking dice, but there are elements of resource management and preparation for each map that should nit be looked over. You will ask yourself did you upgraded enough defense, health, and attack power to make it to the next panel. If you haven’t, the battles will feel like they are undefeatable or you will limp into the boss. All the characters have their strengths and flaws, but it’s up to you to prepare accordingly and play to their strengths.

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The rest action is the refresh your dice pool action. The timing of resting is part of the strategy. You need a die to go through a panel and you play a die every turn. If you don’t play correctly then you may not survive the next fight. Resting costs you 1 food and you reroll as many dice as you choose to once.

The Final Encounter

I don’t want to spoil the experience of the boss fights in A4 Quest. You have to kill the boss or survive to win the game. I was suprised by the level creativity behind their design.

The Verdict

I believe A4 Quest is a high quality experience that could’ve been treated with less attention to detail. The quick setup, ease of play, and fun is present everytime I play. On every page, there is a sense of adventure that doesn’t seem bland and that’s hard to pull off when there is no lore present. I was surprised to hear that there was a Page Quest subscription campaign with more narrative driven content. Take a look pictures from the campaign and see why I’m excited about this campaign.

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Why Should You Back It?

  • Support indie publishers
  • Fair pricing for a subscription based service
  • Quick, easy, and fun to get to the table
  • You can play all four quests at this time on BGG to make an informed decision
  • There’s strong community supporting this game on BGG and on Facebook.
  • Well produced product in its current form and has a lot of additional development going into this campaign.

Cause for Pause

  • The idea is interesting, but for how much?
  • If you’re not a fan of dice randomness, then this game is not for you
  • How will they sell backers on this project?
  • I can see people asking for more more more at the $22 price tag their asking.

I like the 6 month subscription idea that Board&Dice is attempting with Page Quest: Mythical Artifacts. I can tell there’s a lot of passion behind the project and the people involved seem to be good at communicating with their current fans about their vision. Page Quest: Mythical Artifacts campaign is so ambitious for a project involving a Print and Play game. I think more solo players should be aware of A4 Quest’s awesomness and take a look at this campaign! My suggestion is to print the A4 Quest materials, chuck the dice, and let the your decision be based on your experience.

You can head over to the BGG page and download all four of the current quests right now!

What do you think about the A4 Quest KS Campaign idea? Please share in the comments below and let’s discuss. I want to thank you for your time.

Click the Kickstarter icon to head to the campaign page.

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