Kickstarter for Solo Players

Yeesh! Solo players have a plenty of options to choose from this month. I had to create a post to inform you of what’s out there and why I’m interested. Let’s get to it.


Pulp Detective

My Kickstarter Preview

Cooperative: 1-2 players

30 minutes

In Pulp Detective, you play as a detective trying to solve a case in a 24 hours window. The card based game has a some dice management and card placement mechanics that I really became enthralled with while writing my preview for the game. I felt like the game wasn’t totally random and I had to make choices based on the order of the dice rolling to match up with current task requirements. The card placement has a icon matching element to assist you with rerolls. This game is more than meets the eye and there’s a lot of replayability with the amount of cases in the base. They campaign is unlocking more material than I was able to play. Pulp Detective can be played cooperatively, but I feel like it’s a solo game at heart. If you’re looking for a game you can get to the table for a solid 30 minutes of fun, this is your move.


Page Quest Season 1: Mythical Artifacts

My Kickstarter Preview Link

Solo (2 player variant possibly)

A4 Quest is an out of the box idea. A4 Quest was a very popular print and play game on BGG and now the world has expanded into a full narrative campaign. The concept of the game is you go through an entire quest on one sheet of paper. The A4 Quest version I played for preview is sort of a comic strip version of a dungeon crawler. You roll dice to go on quests, gather resources, fight monsters, level up stats all in one sheet. The new campaign for Page Quest Season 1: Mythical Artifacts introduces a 6 month package, with an upfront pledge subscription of $22. People who pledge will receive a quest each month until the end of a campaign. I’m ready to make a pledge on this campaign because of the narrative and I enjoy the ease of play where it’s at. Head over to the BGG page to try the A4 Quest and then head over to the Kickstarter pages to read over the new content. You get a production level quality version of A4 Quest with your pledge.



Cooperative 1-4 players

60 Minutes

Argonauts 2nd Edition just hit Kickstarter on Monday the 12th. In Argonauts, players will take the roles of Jason and his crew of Argonauts on the quest to find and return with the golden fleece. The mechanics are blend of hand management and cooperative based coordination. Each round you must manage resources, deal with the harsh conditions of the seas, and encounter mythical beasts. The most interesting part of the game is the use of the Hero cards. Hero cards are used to bump up stats to solve events or encounters. Each player may choose a Hero card to bump up their stats and solve events. The hero is then, exhausted for one round and becomes rested afterwards. I get this Robinson Crusoe vibe, but on the move version. I’m definitely going to watch a couple playthroughs. Honestly, if you’re even slightly into Greek Mythology, Argonauts may be one of the most dead on thematic games I’ve seen. I’m hoping the experience I similar to the immersive Nemo’s War and Robinson Crusoe.



Cooperative/Solo 1-4 Players

120 minutes

Vital Lacerda = Lisboa, The Galerist, Kanban, Co2, Vinhos

I recently traded for CO2, so I’m kind of excited to get the current version to the table and share my thoughts during the campaign. CO2 is set in the 1970’s and players will manage energy companies who will attempt to stop the increase of pollution. Over the course of the game you will raise money, making green energy, a complete goals for the United Nations. The second edition is adding tons of cooperative materials and the main game is now built as a cooperative experience. I’ve played most of the Lacerda collection. Every game has a solo mode that rewards efficiency and produces a high level of internal AP. I get humbled by a Lacerda games and I respect the level of quality and design that go into his releases.


Fields of Green: Grand Fair Expansion

Plays 1-5 players

45 to 60 minutes

The base game Fields of Green is a reskin of Among the Stars. The farming version of the game has the same tile placement and drafting mechanics. What I enjoy about the original Fields of Green game, is the gratifying engine building mechanics as the game rounds progress. You start out with a small farm and by the time the game is over, you’ll be surprised by how much table presence the game has. The American farmer theme is not something you see in boardgaming very often and I don’t want people to be turned off by it without giving this one a shot. The expansion adds farm attractions, objective cards, a fifth player, new tile locations, and now OFFICIAL solo rules. I was able to make up my own version of a solo game that works, but I’m all in on some official version that’s more fleshed out.


I have no idea what to say so maybe this picture will express my feelings.


I hope you found something you like. Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment on what you look forward to backing? Any tips on budgeting in a Kickstarter hostile takeover on my wallet? Thank you for your time.

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    1. Yeah, I didn’t think before I posted. Like Euro and farming kindo of go together. Here I am a fan of Uwe Rosenburg and I that. What’s the ACBAS? It’s not ringing a bell.


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