Kickstarter Preview: STEW by Button Shy Games

Amare the Great learning a deduction game for the first time!

Publishers: Button Shy Games, Grey Gnome Games

Designer: Jason Glover

Art: Jason Glover

Player count: 2-4 players (played at all player counts)

Play time: 10 to 15 minutes

A prototype copy of Stew was provided by Button Shy Games for this preview. I want to thank Button Shy Games for supporting Jambalaya Plays Games. Everything you see today is in prototype form and may not represent the final product.

Stew is a deduction and press your luck card game by Jason Glover and published by Button Shy Games. Players are farmers putting together ingredients for…get ready for it…Stew. Before I go through the gameplay, I want to share a little about Button Shy Games.

Button Shy Games

Button Shy Games is a small family and friends publishing company. They release wallet sized games MONTHLY. Most of the games they ship are about 18-ish cards and they have wallet sized folds to fit them in. If you’re looking for some suggestions give Ahead of the Clouds, Circle the Wagon, Twin Stars, Pentaquark, and Avignon a try. Some of the games I purchased have solid solo play and expansions are readily available. I’ve personally had a great customer service experience with them in the past and the games I purchased are worth it. Check out the site. End of promotion.

Let’s Eat!

The goal of the game is to create a stew pot with 12 or more points to gain victory points. If a player reaches five total victory points, they win the game.  To begin the game, all 6 Vermin cards are set in a row, along with an area for the stew card pile. Players will take turns drawing a card and have the option of playing it face down on top of a Vermin card or put it into a shared stew pile. You cover up Vermin cards so they sweeten the pot for you or sabotage the pot by throwing in a stone! At 4 players, you have very little information of what’s in the pot, so be prepared to risk it all! There’s just enough hidden information to spice up the gameplay.

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If a player thinks there is 12 points or more in the stew, they must say “STEW.” Players can say “STEW” out of turn, but it must be between turns. All the face down cards in the pile are revealed and the points are tallied. A couple things can negatively effect your stew total:

  1.  Uncovered vermin eat one of the specific vegetable or chicken
  2. A rock is in the stew pot. (-3 points)
  3. The Vagabond is a vegetarian and subtracts 3 points if the chicken is in the stew
  4. Having more than one Onion reduces the points from 6 points to 1pt

You win two victory points if you have 12 or more points in the stew or every player gains one point if have less.

STEW! The Gopher ate one of my Leeks, so it doesn’t count. The Vagabond likes my veggie blend (3 pts), Leek (3 pts), Carrots x 2 (4 pts), one Onion is 6 points. 3 + 3 + 4 + 6 = 16 – 3 pts for the stone = 13 total points

Why Should I Back This?

  • Quick and Simple fun
  • Nice little thematic game
  • You can take this game everywhere
  • Fun for all audiences, especially teaching kids deduction for the first time

Stew is another solid addition to the Button Shy collection. The gameplay has just the right amount thematic flavor and fun for a wide range of gamers. Stew is seeking funding on Kickstarter on February 21, 2018.  A pledge for Stew and Arcane Bakery Clash will cost $19. I hope my impressions will help you make an informed decision.


My son says he wanted to be in this preview because he was going to win!…..he didn’t, sorry bud


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