What’s So Cool About Tramways: Engineer’s Workbook?

Designer: Alban Viard

Artist: Paul LaaneSampo Sikiö

Publisher: AVStudioGames

Play Time: 10-30 min (depends on your skill level)

Player Count: 1 player (with a set of 2 player competitive episodes)

(40 Episodes are solo/33 competitive)

What’s so cool? is a short video explanation feature the “cool” parts of the game. It’s not a rules overview, but focuses more on what I feel may be the best features of the game.

What is Tramways: Engineer’s Workbook

In Tramways: Engineers Workbook, you are a Financial Director of a Tramways Company, preparing to become the best in town. You have a workbook of puzzles to complete your training. That’s the general premise.

What Do You Do?

Each episode (puzzle) takes between 10 to 30 minutes, and you’ll have six rounds to fulfill the winning condition. Every round, you take two actions using a combination of cards to build tracks between buildings and deliver passengers to different destinations. The description I gave you is completely surface level because the rules, winning conditions and actions evolve from one episode (puzzle) to the next. This game does a great job of introducing you to a new rule and making it feel like the next logical step.

So What’s So Cool?

If you want an overview of what makes Tramways: Engineer’s Workbook fun to play, watch this video.



I hope this video was informative. You still have until May 1, 2018 or so to pledge and I’m sure the pledge manager will be up and running right after. You can click the link  below to head right on over.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thank you for your time.


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