Shards of Infinity Giveaway Announcement and Origins Video Coverage?

Giveaway Time!

After playing Shards of Infinity for about a month, I really want to give a lucky subscriber an opportunity to win a copy of the game. Trust me, this game is fantastic! If you’re a deck building fan, you’re in for a treat. For my solo players, I’m not sure if this one can be played solo and I don’t see any variants online either. Don’t worry, I have plenty of solo game coverage coming over the next couple months! Here is what you get if you’re the winner.

Prize includes:

  • One new copy of Shards of Infinity
  • Free shipping North America

Giveaway Link

I’ll be attending Origins this year and I want to share my experience with all of you. I’m test out some video content and we shall see how it goes. I’m also starting a Youtube page named Jambalaya Plays Games and it will mirror some of the new video clips I put in my reviews and previous. You might see unboxings…….cause I kinda like them..kinda

I want to be upfront, I’m not the best editor and I don’t see myself going all in on video reviews, but I want to start out with the Origins coverage and work from there. That’s all I got for now, what games are you excited for going into Origins and Gencon?

Please feel free to comment below if you have questions. I’m looking for feedback on the video if you have any. Thank you for your time

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