I’m Baaaaaaack!

I Didn’t Forget About Ya!

Hello party people! I’ve been away from the keyboard for a long time. Too long maybe, but my effort were focused on launching a new YouTube page. The channel has the same as my blog name, Jambalaya Plays Games. This does not mean I will become a full time video reviewer or vlogger, but I will add videos from my content on this blog and a wide range of….stuff. I filmed about 30 videos of gameplay overviews and interviews with a wide variety of publishers. You can get a glimpse of some of the upcoming titles that will hit the market in the near future right now if you head over to the page.

Jambalaya Plays Games Youtube Channel

Origins Love

I met a lot of cool peeps at Origins. Some of them were content creators I enjoy reading and watching. I’m glad I was as able to meet people in the industry and have conversations with them in a professional and unprofessional setting. I was greeted with open arms, which is something I truly appreciate. Origins was the perfect time and place to meet these wonderful people. No name dropping, that’s a bit of a no no for me, especially on this blog.

I spent the majority of my time at Origins filming videos with publishers on the floor and the very quiet press room. I can say this without hesitation, our hobby is in good hands. I spent almost an hour with some of people behind the product we buy and I had a pleasant experience with every person I sat down with. I learned a lot about bees, what it takes to make board games a full-time career, margins, and how difficult it is to bring small niche game to us from publishers in smaller countries. I got learnt! I had a fun, positive, and productive time at Origins. I felt the love, positivity, and rainbows of the industry.

Sample Video

Origins 2018: Caper by Keymaster Games


I have to name drop one person because hanging out with him was without a doubt my favorite moment of Origins. I met Filip Glowacz from Board&Dice, a man who I’ve been talking with on Facebook Messenger for about a year. To finally meet him in person made this entire trip worth it. He is a true friend now and forever, not just a publisher and some dude I message online. Anyone who wears a Pac-Man suit jacket and pulls it off is my kind of dude. Big hugs, tons of hugging, and playing a couple of games of The Mind really sealed the deal for us. He’s on the other side of the planet, but that doesn’t matter when you’re my friend. He is “the homie” now. When I review a game from Board&Dice, I will add a line about our friendship and you can decide if the content is valid to you. I’m a pretty positive person anyway and Board&Dice publishes some very solid and interesting games like Agent Decker, Page Quest, InBetween, Super Hot and Multiuniversum.

Filip Glowacz AKA “The Homie”

Big Thank You

I’ve been away for almost two weeks and I haven’t lost any subscribers or had a drop in views, so thank you for that. I started this blog to bring awareness to games on the market, interview interesting people, and share my thoughts on happenings in the industry. I consider myself a promoter of positivity and I hope that continues to be true as I grow a larger audience. I’m thankful for each and every one of you. To be recognized at all by anyone from Origins was pretty crazy. I’m a little fish in the review world, but it’s really motivating to me that someone is reading or seeing my content somewhere. I think that’s enough of your time, back to typing my interpretation of the English language. Stay tuned and thanks for your time.

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