Kickstarter Preview: Monumental by FunForge

Designer: Matthew Dunstan

Artist: Tey BartolomeGeorges BouchelaghemGrafit StudiosHendry Iwanaga + 6 more

Publisher: Funforge

Player count: 1-4

Play time 60-90 minutes

Monumental Preview

Monumental is a civilization game where players take the roles of different factions trying to develop their city and spread their dominance across a map. The gameplay has an unique deck building mechanic, smart card play, and other familiar civilization building game elements. Check out the video if you want the full rundown and stick around if you want to check out a short preview.

How does the game play?

What attracted me to this game was the deck building mechanic. Instead of drawing six cards to your hand and buying from the market like most deck building games, you lay out the cards in a 3 x 3 grid. You can active a row and column on your turn. Since you have nine cards to look at, you get enough information to make more strategic decisions. The deck building portion of the game makes the whole experience more accessible to players to a wide range of players. Players also have there on asymmetrical policy cards that trigger bonuses specifically for their civilization. The modular map board and general civilization genre gameplay left me with some positive vibes, but it took a back seat to the card play by far. Positives and concerns are below the video.

Why should I back Monumental?

  • Did I mention it has solo play? I’m curious about this, but it’s getting a bit of an overhaul
  • The deck building mechanic is unique and really invites a wider range of players to the table
  • I believe at the highest player count you could get this game played in under two hours once you learn it
  • It respects strategic gameplay that fans of the civilization genre are looking for. Just expect it to be a little lighter than you’re used to.
  • Top notch component quality even in prototype form. The minis I’ve seen are absolutely ridiculous. Prepare for some top notch production

Any Concerns?

  • The set up is a little longer than I expected and I believe the modular tiles are the culprit. I think I would prefer a mat to lay the tiles on to prevent some sloppiness
  • The map portion of the game could be more exciting. I assume my experience was not as actioned packed due to playing two players. A higher player count would probably cure this issue.
  • I would like to see some objective cards, scenarios, and maybe a mythical touch. I want more more more….always

If you want more detailed explanation of my thoughts on the game, please watch the last four minutes of my preview. If you have questions, please let me know. All feedback is good feedback in my opinion.

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