Interview with Vince Vergonjeanne, Game Producer at Lucky Duck Games

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Since I’ve become a content creator, my purchasing habits have changed as time passes. When I get the opportunity to meet the people who design or publish games, I tend to support them more or less. I believe this is still a “peoples” business and that’s the reason why I wanted to do this interview with Mr. Vergonjeanne. I’ve never met the man in person, but I get a sense of who he is based on his interaction with the board gaming community. Literally everyday I see him in multiple Facebook groups talking about all kinds of games and thanking people for their kind words about Lucky Duck Game titles. That actually means something to me. I believe he is more than a self promoter and that’s why I reached out to him. I wanted to find out more about his background in video games and the transition into publishing board games. I’m very thankful for him taking time out of his day for writing up responses for me. Busy time of year.

You started in a completely different realm of gaming. Can you tell us a little about your transition from video games to board games?

Vince: I come from the video game industry. Three years ago my brother, working on a board game design, approached me and asked for visuals of one of my video game, Vikings Gone Wild, to illustrate his design. I agreed to share them with him only if they were use to actually ‘port’ that game as a board game! Six months later I am invited to try his prototype. I instantly fall in love with it. with over 10 years of experience developing video games, I am excited at the idea to develop a board game. Fast forward 1 year later and on June 2016 with successfully funded Vikings Gone Wild – The Board Game and raised over $200K in pledges. But I have to face a reality. My video game company is not equipped to be a board game publisher. It quickly became clear I needed to create a new entity 100% dedicated to board games. This is how Lucky Duck Games was born.

Your catalog of games leans heavily on popular IP titles. I know it has been very successful for you, but why did you choose to go down this route?

Vince: Strong off of  Vikings Gone Wild success, we decide to double down on the path of analog adaptation of digital games. The idea for us is to bridge a generational gap by bringing digital players around a table. And there is no better way to do this than by proposing a tabletop version of their preferred digital game. Two years and 150,000 manufactured games later, we’re pretty happy with the path we chose!

This is the best expansion and it’s not up for debate

Are you a gamer and board gamer? What’s you favorite board game and favorite video game?

Vince: I play board games at least 3 to 4 times per week and unfortunately have no time to play digital games beside the ones we consider porting or are actively porting. I play a never ending variety of games, probably like you, but my current obsession is Gloomhaven – this game is incredible.

You’re a very interactive person in the gaming community. I noticed that you also crowd source for ideas. Can you share why you take this approach?

Vince Thanks! I am deeply passionate about board games and love this community. I often run some of our IP ideas with the rest of the community to assess interest or knowledge of said IP. This definitely leads to awesome conversations 😃

Mutants is launching on Kickstarter this month. It has a very unique twist to deck building. Please share a little about the gameplay.

Vince: The IP is a video game which has seen over 30M players online in 5 years. It is held by Celcius Online with who we have been working actively to bring their beloved games to an analog version. The design itself was brought by 2 extremely talented designers Sen-Foong Lim and Jessey Wright. They came up with this very original gameplay mechanics of double tempo actions per cards coupled with a programming board. The game has been through intensive development due to its asymmetric nature. Filip, our creative director and lead developer on this game worked really hard with 2 other play-testers to cumulate hundreds of play-tests and balancing hours. The result is a very unique, asymmetric, deck builder with some difficult decision for the players and some very rewarding moment of epic combos.

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Taking a side step from very familiar deck building mechanics seems like a risky choice. What initially attracted you to this design?

Vince: We did not necessarily intend to do a deck builder on this IP. We simply tried Sen-Foong and Jessey’s design and fell immediately in love with it. Their design is fresh and very original. It is sub-titled a ‘deck builder’ to help categories it quickly, but it is a very unique and resembles nothing of Dominion 🙂 I definitely agree with this statement

What do you want to people to know about the future of Lucky Duck Games going into the end of 2018 and possibly into 2019?

Vince: Beside Mutants’ Kickstarter launch on October 30th, a big event for us this winter is the release of Chronicles of Crime in retail worldwide. Chronicles of Crime is a project of epic proportions with over 10 different published languages and 50,000 games produced on its first print run. David and 2 others writers are still hard at work to finish 2 expansions set to release in retail in January. On my side, I have been chasing movie, TV Series and cartoon IPs for the last 6 months in order to prepare some interesting expansions for 2019 😃. Another title in the work is the adaptation of Kingdom Rush, one of the most played and downloaded tower defense of all time! More to come on the subject later this year.

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Where can people find out more information about your current roster of games?

KS Draft URL:

Lucky Duck Games Newsletter:

FB Fan Page:



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