Kickstarter Preview: Doodle Mash

Designers: Jake and Lindsey Bussie

Player Count: 3 to how people want to play

Publisher: Self-Published

Play time: 30 minutes

Disclaimer: A prototype copy of Doodle Mash was provided for this preview. Everything you see does not represent the final product

Kickstarter Preview: Doodle Mash

For some reason I feel the need to give you a background story before I show you declining of artistic skills, so feel me on this one. When I was in elementary school, I switched back and forth between writing left and right handed. I was able to draw fairly well with my right hand, write left handed. I believed I had some skills or maybe my art teachers were filling my head up with confidence so I could finish my projects on time. I have some evidence of my last drawing with my off hand. When I was asked to write a preview of Doodle Mash, I knew my time of creating respectable doodles have passed a long time ago, but I’m always down for a little silliness. I was hoping Doodle Mash might be a good fit for my love of casual game. Let’s take a quick look at what Doodle Mash has to offer to potential backers and see if it’s the right game for you.

I have only one piece of evidence that shows I could draw anything.

What is Doddle Mash?

In Doodle Mash, players will draw a picture mash up of three animals combined and hope that their teammate or opponent will guess all three. It’s also up to you to be able to be a good guesser to score points. The game is also a race. Each point gained will move you across the board until someone reaches the finish line. You can play Doodle Mash as a group of single players or teams of two. The main rule here is to have fun and believe me I did.  The game starts out by having players create a doodle mascot. Just take a look at the ridiculousness that set the tone for our game at work below.

Ladies and Gent: Fat Gandalf, Cthulhu Jess, and Super Heff

How Does It Play?

Before playing a game of Doodle Mash I gave everyone a warning. It’s not an art contest, but we you always have one person in the group who is ready to flex their artistic gifts. Thankfully we were all pretty “sketchy” artists. Alrightly then, let’s talk a little bit about the board. There are two decks of cards, Animal and Sketchy. Sketchy cards make the game a little more difficult for the other players. If anyone lands on a X marker on the board, a Sketchy card is drawn and the rule on card is applied to everyone but the person who is on the X.  Sketchy cards make the game slightly more competitive, but overall the game could be played totally without a board if this part of the game didn’t exist. The meat of the game comes from the Animal cards. Each round six animal cards are laid out in the six spaces available. Players draw chips from a bag with three numbers on them. The three numbers represent the three animals you must “mash” together into one…..thing. The only rules that apply are how many characteristics you can use. If you have an octopus, bear, and fish, you can use a total of eight appendages. The features of an animal matter too. Using the same grouping of cards, the maximum number of eyes for example would be two. I’ll leave the rest of the imagination to you. It’s suggested that you accommodate the drawing time to the audience. One minute for a more adult crowd and two minutes with younger kids seems about right. Whatever time you choose, make sure players are having fun first.  First rule of every board game is have fun.

Beautiful board! Animal cards (bottom left) and Sketchy cards (bottom right)

Scoring Time!

(What is that?)

When the time is up, players will pass their papers to the right. The scoring for multiplayer and single player games are simple. You score points for guessing what your opponent drew and also from your opponent being able to guess what you made. In multiplayer teammates exchange their pictures and scoring works the same manner.  If you ever receive a perfect score of guessing the three animal numbers and someone else guessing your three, a bonus point is awarded. I like idea of putting some of the scoring in the hands of your opponents or partner. For some reason I had some kind of “deceive your opponent” going into this and I had to switch up my mindset quickly or I would be left in the dust. Everyone I played with became totally invested in their drawing skills after the first round. Sure we mad fun of each other and none of us were artists. In order to win you have to focus on the features of each animal more than anything. Feet, horns, eyes, and wings need to be as recognizable as possible. I don’t think the scoring makes the game super competitive, but it does raise the stakes as you rush to the finish line. The game ends when the first player or team crosses the finish line. The first person team wins. Remember, always run through the tape. That’s a line I’m using from my track coach, which I’m not sure I should be using in a board game preview. It’s solid advice though.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Final Impressions

I had a lot of fun with Doodle Mash. I’m always looking for party style games that break down people’s walls at get togethers or game nights. Once everyone works out the nerves, the fun can begin. I think Doodle Mash has some mass appeal potential, but I know that’s easy to say and hard to actually pull off on Kickstarter. What I do know is Doodle Mash is going to fill the room with laughter. It’s perfect for family night and game night. I think potential backers will be totally interested or pass this project by, which I believe is all about taste. If you’re remotely interested in party style games, take a look at this game. I had a good time and everyone that played with me enjoyed it as well. I get the feeling that when this game hits the table, time will pass by quickly, which means you had fun.

I hope today’s preview helped you make an informed decision about Doodle Mash. If you have any questions or feedback, please share below! Thanks for your time.


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