I Got Some Splainin To Do!

I’m ready to come back to blogging party people. I want to apologize for my absence. This is where it all started and I love deep diving into reviews, previews, and the occasional interview on this platform. Some things have changed, so let’s talk about it.

I started a YouTube channel right after Origins in 2018. My intention was to record a large chunk of interviews and share them here, so you would see some video content and more of me in action (a little ego popped out there). What had happened was…… I became more focused on video content and less on blogging. There’s more to it, but I want you to know that I will do my best to provide blogging content moving forward. Hell, I signed up for this space with Word Press until Nov 2020, so I’m not wasting that money.

Jambalaya Plays Games YouTube Page


My YouTube channel goes by the same name of this blog, Jambalaya Plays Games. A lot of the content you will see on the channel is similar to what you see here. Some games should be in front of the camera to show certain mechanics. I want to be clear that some of the content is sponsored by publishers (Board Game Revolution content) and they prefer video. It will be clearly stated somewhere in plain sight. I need to make sure you understand I DO NOT GET PAID FOR REVIEWS OF FINAL GAMES. I only show prototypes which are previews and I consider them a service. My opinion will always be my own. Here is one of my end of year videos. There are about 50 interviews from 2018 on there.


Board Game Revolution


I became part of the Board Game Revolution Facebook Group over a year ago. At Origins, I met Thomas Covert in person (group admin) and we discussed working together on future projects. Later on in the year, I became a part of their group of content creators. I provide video previews, news, and a live show called BGR Live Showcase (Working title I just made up) on Fridays at 730 PM CST. On the show I provide 5 to 10-minute overviews for about 3 to 5 titles and answer questions about them. I invite publishers on to answer questions as well, so maybe you get to meet one of your favorite designer. The stream lasts for just over an hour and it’s a one-man band situation. Hopefully, you join one in the future. The quality will get better as I grow.

Sooooooo The Blog

I have a couple plans for the future of this blog, so let’s break it down.

More updates on what I’m playing, learning, and experiencing. I want you to have more access to my journey. Blogs are about conversation with your reader base and I need to embrace that. Hopefully it will open up some conversation, which is something I don’t see very often. Most comment sections are blank and I hope we can break that mold.

The site needs a redesign. My page is has kind of a weird structure to it and I don’t think it represents all of the content I create either. I want you to be able to come to my blog and find all of the content I have available. So expect incremental changes as I toy around with the format.

A rating system– I’m not big on number system reviews, so I had to figure out some language that translates to a score for YOU, but gives me more wiggle room to explain my final thoughts overall. Here you go!

  • Highly Recommend
  • Recommend
  • On the fence
  • Not feeling it
  • Hard pass

The wording might change here, but you can see it’s a 1-5 system without numbers. The scale for me should be similar language to how I would speak to you in person about the game or product. When you read one of my reviews you need to know exactly how I feel and I will try not to tippy toe around my opinion. Like I said, my reviews are not paid for and they do not influence my opinion.


Video Content

(Final thoughts, strategy videos, cross over content)

Strategic Bites: Small strategies I think would help you get started.

Final Thoughts in video form: I like the idea of filming my final thoughts for reviews in video form and attaching it to the writing portion

Crossover Content: Segments from other sources may pop up (Podcast visits, live shows, segments, video previews)

I don’t want to commit to all of them. Just promise me if you’re reading my content you give me some feedback on what’s working for ya or not.

Thank You

I want to thank all the people who read this blog. I don’t have a massive following on this site and that was never my point. I want to share my love of the hobby with you. I’m happy to see some of you are still here and I hope more people follow along the way. It’s my job to make sure you have a reason to stick around and click around. Take care party people. Spread the word!

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