Board Game News and Blog Update 3/11/2019

I’m a very busy bee this time of year. Hopefully you are excited to have me back sharing new and different kinds of content. Kickstarter previews content will be popping up starting this week, but I also want to take some time appreciate the women who inspire me and contribute so much to the board game community and beyond that. I’ll save the details for now and hopefully you enjoy the final result. Here is some of the content you will see over the next couple weeks:

Live Content

March 15, 2019 BGR Live Showcase for AEG 7:30PM CST (Scorpius Freighter, Tiny Towns, War Chest, Spacebase w/Pluto expansion)

March 22, 2019 BGR Live Showcase of Osprey Games  7:30PM CST(Wildlands and the upcoming expansion, Judd Dread and Lost Expedition, Cryptid maybe)

Dice Tower Crowd Surfing on Wednesday March, 13, 2019 1:00PM EST (VanRyder Season 2 Graphic Novels)

KS Previews

Tsukuyumi by Greyfox Games

Gartebeau by Fish Heaton Games

Graphic Novels Season 2 by Van Ryder Games

Ocean Crisis by Shepherds Kit


Pirate Tricks is a trick taking game that may have solved the issue of being dealt a bad hand. There is so much more to it and I can’t wait to talk about it!

Bugs on Rugs is a cute little card drafting game for families and casual players. I also has cute little bugs.

It Dies With Me by Breaking Games is a party style game with an interesting way to keep a secret. How do you keep a secret? What if I told you that you may have to eat it. Stay tuned!



Shards of Infinity App You Say?

When embargoes lift its such a good feeling. The Shards of Infinity app is happening! This is one of my favorite deck builders of all time and I will take whatever content they will throw at me. Sign up for this beta ASAP! Here are more details directly from the email I was sent by the publisher:

“Shards of Infinity is the second mobile board game release for Temple Gates Games, coming on the heels of the award winning Race for the Galaxy app.  “The reason to play a board game on your phone is to take advantage of digital-only features,” says Theresa Duringer, CEO of Temple Gates Games, “including AI, automated setup and score keeping, and the ability to play with friends remotely.  Our goal is to nail these with lickety split performance.” The AI for Shards of Infinity is an extension of Keldon Jones’ AI for Race for the Galaxy, which uses neural networks to create challenging opponents.”

The app is compatible with IPhone, Andriod, and PC . Link is live

Trailer is at the end of this post


Restoration Announces Unmatched

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Restoration Games is partnering with Mondo to announce Unmatched. Restoration Games continues to surprise me with how they are expanding their catalog. After their 2018 releases, I’m keeping my I’m glad I got the scoop on this one. Here is a chunk of the press release shared by the publisher:

“Restoration Games announced they are “teaming up” with Mondo Games to develop an ongoing line of tactical combat games, called Unmatched. In keeping with their company mission, the game is restored from 2002’s Star Wars: Epic Duels, the predecessor to Heroscape. Attendees at the GAMA Trade Show will have a chance to demo the game at a special event on Thursday, March 14th, at 2:00 PM PDT in the Sierra Penthouse Suite at the Peppermill Resort.

Unmatched pits two or four players against each other, with each player taking the role of their own hero. Each hero is represented by a unique ability and a custom deck of action cards, and each set comes with a double-sided board with different battlefields. The first two sets in the line are Battle of Legends, Vol. 1 and the eponymous Robin Hood vs. Big Foot. The Battle of Legends set includes King Arthur, Alice, Medusa, and Sinbad. Heroes from any set can be played against each other, making for surprising and exciting matchups and tons of replayability.”

That’s not all . They already have licensed packs for Bruce Lee, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cobble & Fog, Sherlock Holmes, The Invisible Man, Dracula, and Jekyll & Hyde all lined up. The MSRP is $39.95 for the Battle of Legends four pack and $24.95 for the Robin Hood vs Big Foot two pack. They are expected to launch at Gen Con 2019. Yeah buddy!


Grey Fox Games Launches Tsukuyumi March 19, 2019

Grey Fox Games heading to Kickstarter with a miniatures version of the low key hit Tsukuyumi. If you aren’t aware of the game, it racked in $122,540 back in 2017. It’s an area control game where asymmetrical factions fighting to control tiles on module tiles. Sounds a little familiar right? You would be wrong. All players control their own faction AND the Oni faction can be controlled by all players as well. It’s heavy strategically and the combat is totally unique. You will see a very detailed review in the near future. Grey Fox will have an updated version of the base game packed with more than last time and I can’t give up all the goods on the rest the things they have lined up if the campaign performs well.


Game Brewer Announces Fuji Koro 

Coming To Kickstarter March 18, 2019

This announcement came out of nowhere. Game Brewer is becoming a more well know publisher hot off the heels of the very successful Gugong Deluxe Edition campaign. Now they are heading to Fuji Koro, design buy Jerome Demeyere, with something I’ve never seen before. Can you picture a game that’s a blend of Euro, dungeon crawler, with some Minecraft mechanics? Fuji Koro is a 1-6 player game that plays both cooperative and competitive. This mostly a Euro game, where players are heading into a volcano to gather resources, crafting gear, fighting off dragons semi cooperatively, and trying to get the heck out of there. You can even win the game by making it out first or some how not making it out at all. The Minecraft element is you’re building certain patterns to create your gear to boost stats and I’m sure that’s how you score a good chunk of points just like a euro. Take a look at the player boards, map, and scoreboard in the slideshow to get an idea of what I’m attempting to describe. This is a really ambitious game and when I spoke with the publisher it was clear that this would be their biggest game. A you can see, this isn’t something to take lightly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


That’s all I got and I’m sure it seems like a lot. That’s how it goes party people. I have a lot to share and I’m trying to get the ball rolling on content!

Shards of Infinity App Trailer

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