Review: It Dies With Me By Breaking Games

Publisher: Breaking Games

Designer: Andy Breckman

Player Count: 4-6

Play Time: 20

Ages 13+

A copy of It Does With Me was provided by Breaking Games for review. You can expect a small wave of games by them showing up on the blog. They were all sent at once. I want to thank Breaking Games for supporting Jambalaya Plays Games. I want you to know that this does not mean every game they send to me is cool. My opinions are my own.

I grew up in the 80’s when board games were more like toys. Games like Fireball Island, Mouse Trap, and Hungry Hippos come to mind. Back then, games with a “gimmick” and absolutely no strategy to them racked up tons of sales. In most cases, they often fell victim to breaking quickly or immediately losing their attraction after a couple plays.  In my head, I’m apologizing to my mom for wasting money on Hungry Hippos (long story behind that). I’m beating around the bush here so let’s talk about It Dies With Me by Breaking Games. It’s an interesting game with a quick hook or gimmick that could be a total hit or miss. 

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Quick Overview

It Dies With Me is basically a race game. You’re trying to move a across a board made of large cards (Grave Tiles) to reach the end of the created path or create a hand of cards that say, “It dies with me,” to win the game. Each round or turn, players simultaneously reveal a six sided die (they do not roll) from under a little coffin and either receive a card for the “highest” unique number or move one step across a tombstone cards for the “lowest” unique number. Cards can change the position of Grave tiles, swap the position of player pieces, and alter roll results. So outside of the two winning conditions, why is the game remotely interesting? The prize for winning is the selling point of the game.

Just Eat It!

The gimmick, if you want to call it that, is how “the secret” works. During the setup, one player writes down a secret on an edible piece of paper and places it in an envelope. When someone meets either end game condition, they open the envelope, read the secret to themselves and…. EAT IT! Now the secret dies with you because one player ate it. Don’t worry, it’s baking paper that you can find at any baking shop and you get about 100 sheets or more included in the box. The secret can be taken lightly, but I suggest you go for a some creative category based secret to mix things up each game. If you want to all in on the experience people can give up the goods.



Who Is This Game For?

I find the gameplay to be silly fun and not necessarily in a bad way. I regularly play with people who design games and we mix in some casual gamers, so I get a wide range of reactions to a game like this. Is the game fun? Yes it is, but it really boils down to how game your group is. The audience for the games is definitely for a more casual crowd and families. The second time I played with a smaller group and they were really happy with their experience. Maybe that’s what it is….an experience and not something to add to my forever collection.


  • Definitely promotes some silliness it’s shooting for
  • Easy to play and one minute set up time
  • Production off the charts for such a small box game. That’s becoming the norm with Breaking Games.
  • The theme is about as unique as they come.
  • I like that there are two ways to win the game otherwise this game could be a total miss and not that interesting at all.
  • The price point on this game is super cheap, so it definitely could be a pick up and play for a party.


  • You could possibly miss out on the feeling of “winning” a single round based on random results.
  • There’s a take that style expansion included and it adds on to what already has some light take that in the gameplay at higher player counts.
  • It feels like I should be rolling dice, but that doesn’t bother me. I noticed it bothered “some people”
  • I can say this game is a total gimmick with eating the paper and honestly you’ll get people who immediately read the box and figure that out for themselves

Rating: I’m on the Fence

I think It Dies With Me is a ok game at best. I can’t recommend this game to everyone because you as a buyer definitely need to decide what’s best for you and your audience. This game is really about what you’re looking for when you walk into a game store. I think it has a place for people who entertain frequently or maybe it’s a quick light hearted family experience. The game is only 15 minutes long and watching people eat paper is always a fun to watch. I’m just not sure this game has any legs to it. So I’m definitely on the fence with this one, but I leaning more towards I’m not feeling it. Since I started writing this review s couple months ago, I haven’t even thought about throwing it in my backpack. I usually keep games of this nature with me to play at a moments notice for bigger groups. Unfortunately, I get that same kid game feeling that I had back in the day. I played it, had a little fun, now I want a game for my $15-20 dollars.

I hope you found today’s review helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Thank you for your time.

My reviews are rated on a recommendation basis

  • Highly Recommend
  • Recommend
  • On the fence

  • Not feeling it

  • Hard pass

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