Quick Review: Tsukuyumi



Some of you do not follow my channel on YouTube so I want give you a little taste of my work. My review for Tsukuyumi is longest video review to date. It took around ten hours of video work and editing, which is due to my amateur status in the editing room. I’ll give you a little rundown of the game and you can watch the video if you choose.

What is Tsukuyumi?

Tsukuyumi is a strategy area control game for three to five players. Players will take on the roles of a factions with asymmetrical abilities and goals. The goal of the game is to score the most points and you score the most points by controlling various tile types.

A couple things make this game unique:

  1. There is a faction called the Oni that can be controlled by all the players. They conquer tiles on their own and can provide a distraction to anyone depending on how you use them to your advantage.
  2. The gameplay comes down to a card play system that I haven’t seen before. Players will choose and pass action cards each round with options to move, attack, draw event cards, and upgrade your faction. The card system goes even deeper based on the choices on the back of the cards. The attack actions have consequences and your opponent gets to choose what they are.
  3. Every choice you make feels important. You only get to play so many cards, and you won’t see those same cards ever again. You can’t really plan for what’s about to be passed to you each round, so all you can do is pick cards that have the right amount of actions in the phases that will help your faction shine.

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Quick Final Thoughts

My final thoughts are simple. I think this game is great and it’s not really the type of game I usually pursue. Grey Fox Games was kind enough to send me a copy for review of the first edition heading into the Kickstarter campaign for the miniature version and with even more content (hello cooperative mode with a sweet mini). The campaign is going strong right now. I give this game my highest recommendation. The factions are all interesting to play and each present a real twist to your choices each round. I could delve a little deeper into my thoughts, but I would like you to check out some of my video. My suggestion would be to check out the factions and some of the round gameplay. The card play is really interesting. Check it out and follow if you choose. Link to the page is below and take care party people!



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