News Update for 4/1/2019

Here’s some of the latest news, what’s coming from my blog and YouTube page during the month of April. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of news and Kickstarter projects launching each month, so I don’t think I’ll ever run out of juicy details to share.


Sponsored by Geek On!

At least for a little while based on our agreement. I will be shooting a promo/review of a couple of their products. I’m giving them a honest review of products that are already well received. Let me get out in front of this and say, they make quality stuff.

Creator’s Companion Publishing Launches

Sarah Sharp and Levi Mote recently left their roles at Daily Magic Games and shortly after, they announced the launch of Creators’ Companion Publishing. Their first Kickstarter campaign, Infinite Power RPG: Second Edition. It’s live now and probably closes right around the time you’re seeing this! Kickstarter Link.

infinite power.png


Capstone Games Announces A Splotter Title?


I was itching to find out what was in store for this “secret” live stream from Heavy Cardboard last week. What did they reveal? Capstone Games is reprinting Bus, which is a Splotter game released 20 years ago. I don’t think any changes are happening to the gameplay, but the already unique graphic design is probably going to look just as unique. Take a look at the stream for another announcement of a 2020 game from Capstone near the very end. Take a look at the BGG for more details on Bus.

Why do I care?

I’m delving into some different games as my tastes grow. Splotter Games have a reputation of being pretty heavy and I want to give this one a shot. I might need to go back to this stream to get my rules together.

Wizkids Announces Flotilla


Wizkids has announced Flotilla, a 2-5 player board game by designers J.B. Howell and Michael Mihealsick.

As described by publisher:

“After the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests, sea levels have risen dramatically, necessitating the Flotilla, a cobbled together floating city. Fleet Commander players start as Sinksiders, collecting resources from the Ocean Board, collecting ruins, trying to create a better world for their crew. Later, players can become Skysiders, flipping and attaching their collected watercraft to the Flotilla itself, in order to vie for control of the many guilds therein. The final winner is the most influential Fleet Commander within the Flotilla. Flotilla is scheduled to hit stores in October 2019.”

Why do I care?

I’ve been told this game will be so innovative that it will change how we look at games. I WANT TO KNOW MORE! People behind the scenes talk about it, so I’m going to keep digging for information. There’s already a designer thread on BGG.



It’s going to be another busy month of previews coming up. Some will show up during the campaign so stay tuned for more information. You can see most of them on my Youtube page Jambalaya Plays Games and here on the blog of course. Some of them I don’t even have pictures of.  I CHOSE THIS LIFE!


Reviews thru the month of April

I have the best intentions. With a slew of previews in April, I don’t want to forget about actual releases of games. You can expect a combination of video and blog reviews. I go big with my goals or I maybe I’m just full of sh……

Aeon’s End Legacy by Action Phase

Fine Sand by Stronghold

Havenfall by Dabeco Games

Pirate Tricks by Soaring Rhino

Starship Samurai and Expansion by Plaid Hat Games

Tiny Towns by AEG

Cabo by Bezier Games

The Fire Is Burning!

Whatever content actually sees the light of day, know that I’m committed to sharing my thoughts with you. I can’t explain what it feels like for ONE person to care what I think about a game. Games are what bring us together but it’s all of you I cherish the most. If a game has a solo mode, I cherish is the moment I can drink a glass of great scotch and play. Take care party people and thank you for your time.


If you have any questions about today’s post, please comment below and I’ll try to provide clarity









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