Long Form Review: Michael Strogoff

Publisher: Devir Games Designer: Alberto Corral Artist: Pedro Soto A copy of Michael Strogoff was provided by Devir Games for review. I want to thank them for giving me the opportunity to work with them. Father of Science Fiction Jules Verne is a well author who is responsible for some of the best science fiction... Continue Reading →

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Hello, I wanted to give new visitors and followers something nice for the holidays. I am offering a $50.00 gift certificate to one lucky person. It's a an easy Gleam contest. Here is one condition that will be added. If you follow the blog, I will throw in an extra entry for you. Maybe you... Continue Reading →

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8 Holiday Family Gaming Picks

Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope you're ready for a short week and spending some time with the people you love. Sooooooooo spending time with loved ones gives you the opportunity to whip out some GAMES! You may be the person in charge of providing the games or your family and friends fight to get... Continue Reading →

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Review: Harvest Dice

Game Designer: Danny Devine Game Development: Joshua Lobkowicz Published by: Grey Fox Games Art and Graphics: Tyler Myatt & Danny Devine Play: 2-4 Players, 15 to 30 min A review copy of Harvest Dice was provided by Grey Fox Games. Many sheets were destroyed writing this review. That makes me sad, but I had fun!... Continue Reading →

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The Opinionated D-Day Dice 2nd Edition Kickstarter Preview

Designer: Emmanuel Aquin Artist: Emmanuael Aquin, Mark Poole Published: First Edition published by Valley Games Inc., Second Edition by Word Forge Games Playtime: 30-45 min. Depends on the map Player Count: 1-4 players The 2nd Edition D-Day Dice demo set was provided by Word Forge Games for preview.  All components and artwork do not represent the... Continue Reading →

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Review: D-Day Dice First Edition

Designer: Emmanuel Aquin Artist: Emmanuael Aquin, Mark Poole Published: Valley Games Inc Playtime: 30-45 min. Depends on the map Player Count: 1-4 players Storming the Beach D-Day Dice is a dice rolling cooperative board game where players represent Allied soldiers storming through German machine gun nests. You and your fellow comrades work together to collect... Continue Reading →

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Remember Remember….November!

Hello everyone out there! I am really excited about this next month of content because publishers have been very kind to me. You should see a lot of thank you thank you thank you in my posts this month. I should also thank you all for reading my posts this past month. I had no... Continue Reading →

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