Interview with Vince Vergonjeanne, Game Producer at Lucky Duck Games

Since I've become a content creator, my purchasing habits have changed as time passes. When I get the opportunity to meet the people who design or publish games, I tend to support them more or less. I believe this is still a "peoples" business and that's the reason why I wanted to do this interview with... Continue Reading →

Interview: Isaac Vega, Designer of Starship Samurai

I met Isaac while filming a video for Gorus Maximus at Origins and ended up playing an impromptu game with him and a couple industry folks. After the quick session, I was able to shoot some footage of Starship Samurai. Now I remember when it was announced right before Origins. I was a bit worried... Continue Reading →

Interview with Michael Fox, Co-Designer of Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr

Late last year (2017),  I was picking up cold medicine for my sick little guy at Walgreens (drug store) and decided to make an impulse buy, which turned out to be Rory's Story Cubes.  After returning home and playing five consecutive games that night, I felt like we created a father/son bonding moment I will never forget.... Continue Reading →

Interview with the Project Lead of HEXplore It, Jonathan Mariucci

HEXplore It and HEXploreIt: The Forests of Adrimon Publisher: Marucci J. Designs LLC Designers: Jonathan Mariucci, Kat Kimoundi, Nathan Loos Art: N/A Player Count: 1-7 players Age: 12+ Play Time: 60-180 min HEXplore It is a hero building cooperative adventure board game. The gameplay and open world concepts are similar to video games, such as... Continue Reading →

Interview with the Designer of Maximum Apocalypse, Michael Gnade

 I was able to track down the designer of Maximum Apocalypse and Brass Empire, Michael Gnade. Thankfully, he was able to take time out his busy schedule to respond to a couple questions about the upcoming campaign through email. The Kickstarter campaign for Maximum Apocalypse: Gothic Horrors launches on March 27th. What is Maximum Apocalypse?... Continue Reading →

Interview with Alexandre Aboud, Co-Designer of Arena: The Contest

Arena: The Contest Designers: Alexandre Aboud, Danilo de Alcantara, Clayton Machado Publisher: Dragori Games Plays: 1-8 Players Play Time: 45-90 minutes Age: 14+ I’ve had my eye on Arena: The Contest for about six months. I’m a sucker for a good dungeon crawling game with sweet miniatures, but I’m not easily fooled by awesome artwork... Continue Reading →

Interview: Daryl Andrew and Erica Hayes-Bouyouris, designers of Roar: King of the Pride by IDW Games

Publisher: IDW Games Designers: Daryl Andrews, Erica Hayes-Bouyouris Art: Vincent Dutrait (Personal Favorite) Player Count: 3-6 Age: 14+ Play Time: 60-90 min Daryl Andrews and Erica Hayes-Bouyouris are an up and coming duo of developers who started to grab my attention. With games like Ink Monsters and Roar: King of the Pride, along with future... Continue Reading →

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