Combo Fighter: Kickstarter Preview or Strategy Guide?

Designer: Asger Johansen Artist: Snorre Krogh Publisher:Kolossal Games, Plotmaker Games Player Count: 2-4 players depending on how many decks you own Play time 15-30 minutes A prototype copy of Combo Fighter was provided by Kolossal Games for this preview. I want to thank Kolossal Games for supporting Jambalaya Plays Games. Everything you see in this... Continue Reading →

Kickstarter Preview: Psi Wars

Publisher: Self Publisher Designers: Michael and Adeev Wohl Artists: Jason Juta, Damien Mammoliti, Timofte Silva Play Time: 15 to 45 Player Count: 2-4 A copy of the prototype for Psi Wars was sent to me by Michael Wohl. I'm thankful for his patience with this preview and wish him the best with this campaign. Every... Continue Reading →

Kickstarter Preview: Sojourn

Designer: Philip Loyer Artist: M. Wayne Miller Publisher: Wyvern Gaming Player Count: 1 player only Play Time: 10 to 20 minutes A copy of Sojourn was provided by Wyvern Games for this preview. I would like to thank them for their support of Jambalaya Plays Games. All the art and components in this preview are... Continue Reading →

Kickstarter Preview: Goblin Grapple

Publisher: Silver Gaming Company Developer: Travis Hoglund Designer: Brittney Hoglund Art: Lloyd Hoshide Playtime: 15-20 minutes Player Count: 2-4 Plays: 4 A prototype copy of Goblin Grapple was provided by Silver Gaming Company for this preview. I would like to thank them for supporting Jambalaya Plays Games. The Kickstarter campaign is already funded, but of... Continue Reading →

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