Kickstarter Preview: The Primary (Solo mode)

Designer: Matt Quock Artist: Sebastián Koziner, Rocio Ogñenovic   Publisher: Mountaintop Games Player Count: 1-5 Play time: 45 to 60 min I want to be clear before we get started with this preview. THIS GAME IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS. The best way to describe the game is that it’s more of a teaching tool about the electoral college system and... Continue Reading →

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Kickstarter Preview: Cat Rescue

Designer: Ta-Te Wu Publisher: Sunrise Tornado Game Studio Plays: 1-4 players (5 players with expansion) Play Time: 15-30 minutes (Solo play is closer to 15) A prototype copy of  Cat Rescue was provided by Ta-Ta We for preview. I would like to thank them for supporting my blog. Everything you see in today’s preview is... Continue Reading →

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Kickstarter Preview: Fire in the Library

Designer:  Tony Miller, John Prather Artist: Katie Khau, Beth Sobel Publisher: Weird Giraffe Games Player count: 1-6 players Play time: 15-30 min A prototype copy of  Fire in the Library was provided by Weird Giraffe Games for preview. I would like to thank them for supporting my blog. Everything you see in today’s preview is in prototype form and does... Continue Reading →

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Kickstarter Preview: Chronicles of Crime

Publisher: Lucky Duck Game Designer: David Cicurel    Artists: Gebreselassie, Mateusz Komada, Katarzyna Kosobucka Player count: 1-4 players (1 and 2 player were play for this preview) Play time: 60 to 90 minutes A prototype  print and play file of  Chronicles of Crime was provided by Lucky Duck Games for this preview. I want to thank Lucky Duck... Continue Reading →

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Long Form Review: Michael Strogoff

Publisher: Devir Games Designer: Alberto Corral Artist: Pedro Soto A copy of Michael Strogoff was provided by Devir Games for review. I want to thank them for giving me the opportunity to work with them. Father of Science Fiction Jules Verne is a well author who is responsible for some of the best science fiction... Continue Reading →

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Review: D-Day Dice First Edition

Designer: Emmanuel Aquin Artist: Emmanuael Aquin, Mark Poole Published: Valley Games Inc Playtime: 30-45 min. Depends on the map Player Count: 1-4 players Storming the Beach D-Day Dice is a dice rolling cooperative board game where players represent Allied soldiers storming through German machine gun nests. You and your fellow comrades work together to collect... Continue Reading →


Game Design: Chad Elkins Artists: Thomas Holt Published by: 25th Century Games Plays: 1 to 4 players Time: 20-30 minutes (2 min set up after 1st play) The Recipe Cooperative and Solitaire Set Collection Hand Management Trip to local ice cream/custard store If Robots Love Ice Cream looks familiar to you, you’ve probably heard of... Continue Reading →

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