Review: Starship Samurai

Publisher: Plaid Hat Games Designer: Isaac Vega Art: Gunship Revolution MSRP: $59.95 I found it on Amazon for $47.96 *If you're more interested in a visual representation of Starship Samurai in action, please scroll down to my strategy video and short video of the minis at the end of this post.*   Review: Starship Samurai... Continue Reading →

News Update for 4/1/2019

Here's some of the latest news, what's coming from my blog and YouTube page during the month of April. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of news and Kickstarter projects launching each month, so I don't think I'll ever run out of juicy details to share. Announcements Sponsored by Geek On! At least for a little... Continue Reading →

Quick Review: Tsukuyumi

  Some of you do not follow my channel on YouTube so I want give you a little taste of my work. My review for Tsukuyumi is longest video review to date. It took around ten hours of video work and editing, which is due to my amateur status in the editing room. I’ll give... Continue Reading →

Review: Bugs on Rugs

Published by: Kids Table Board Gaming Designer: Peter C. Hayward Art Design: Josh Cappel, Shawna J.C. Tenney Playtime: 15-30 minutes Player count: 2-5 players A copy of Bugs on Rugs was provided by the publisher for review. This does not mean they paid for my opinion, it means they respect my opinion. My reviews will always... Continue Reading →

Board Game News and Blog Update 3/11/2019

I'm a very busy bee this time of year. Hopefully you are excited to have me back sharing new and different kinds of content. Kickstarter previews content will be popping up starting this week, but I also want to take some time appreciate the women who inspire me and contribute so much to the board game community and beyond that. I'll... Continue Reading →

I Got Some Splainin To Do!

I’m ready to come back to blogging party people. I want to apologize for my absence. This is where it all started and I love deep diving into reviews, previews, and the occasional interview on this platform. Some things have changed, so let’s talk about it. I started a YouTube channel right after Origins in 2018. My intention... Continue Reading →

Kickstarter Preview: Battle Ravens

Publisher: PSC Games Designer: Daniel Mersey Art: Peter Dennis Playtime 45-60 minutes Player Count: 2 player only   Battle Ravens Preview If you’ve read my blog or watched any of my video content, you know I’m not the biggest history buff. Recently, I decided to attempt to cover war gaming. I’m not entirely sure if it's totally my thing, but I want to remain true... Continue Reading →

Kickstarter Preview: Doodle Mash

Designers: Jake and Lindsey Bussie Player Count: 3 to how people want to play Publisher: Self-Published Play time: 30 minutes Disclaimer: A prototype copy of Doodle Mash was provided for this preview. Everything you see does not represent the final product Kickstarter Preview: Doodle Mash For some reason I feel the need to give you a... Continue Reading →

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