Jambalaya Plays Games: Pulp Detective Kickstarter Giveaway

I decided to have a giveaway because of the level of excitement attached to the Pulp Detective Campaign. They already unlocked all of the stretch goals so you may be the lucky person to win a copy. With the support of AV Studio Games, I was able to giveaway a copy. I don't get paid... Continue Reading →

Kickstarter Preview: Cogs and Commissars

Published by: Atlas Games Designer: Matt Haga Artist: Zoran Cardula Plays: 2-6 players in about 30 to 40 min A prototype of Cogs and Commissars was provided by Atlas Games for this preview. The project is seeking funding on Kickstarter, launching on January 30, 2018. *I apologize for the pictures in this preview. I had... Continue Reading →


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