Review: Liberatores: The Conspiracy to Liberate Rome

Designer: Yan Yegorov Publisher: Moaideas Game Design Player Count: 40-60 min Play Time: 3-6 (plays best at 4 to 6) 3 player is not recommended by me A copy of Liberatores: The Conspiracy to Liberate Rome was provided by Moaideas Game Design for review. Liberatores: The Conspiracy to Liberate Rome is a social deduction game... Continue Reading →

Fear In Gaming: The Horror vs The Horrible Truth

Are you afraid of the dark? Were you afraid of the dark as a kid? My fear of the darkness came from the Boogeyman and I can openly blame my mom for that. I would constantly jump out of my bed and attempt to slip into hersĀ at all hours of the night. One night she... Continue Reading →

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