Kickstarter Preview: Filler

Designer: Jonathan Chaffer Artist: Claire Donaldson Publisher: Green Couch Games Play time: 20-30 min Plays: 2-5 players A prototype copy of Filler was provided by Green Couch Games for this preview. I would like to thank them for their support of Jambalaya Plays Games. Everything you see is most definitely in prototype form. The art... Continue Reading →

Kickstarter Preview: Vinyl

Publisher: Talon Strikes Studios LLC Developer: Eric Alvarado Artist: Jason Wasburn Player Count: 2-4 Players (Played at all player counts once) A prototype copy of Vinyl was provided by Talon Strikes Studios for preview. I would like to thank them for supporting my blog. Everything you see in today‚Äôs preview is in prototype form and... Continue Reading →

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