Kickstarter for Solo Players

Yeesh! Solo players have a plenty of options to choose from this month. I had to create a post to inform you of what's out there and why I'm interested. Let's get to it. Pulp Detective My Kickstarter Preview Cooperative: 1-2 players 30 minutes In Pulp Detective, you play as a detective trying to solve... Continue Reading →

Kickstarter Preview: Pulp Detective

Publisher: AVStudioGames- LudioBooster (Alban Viard Studio Games) Designer and Artist: Todd Sanders Plays: 1-2 players (It's a solo game with a optional 2 player variant) Play time: 20-30 min   Age: 14+ Print and play files were provided by the publisher for this preview. All of the components and artwork you see are in prototype form... Continue Reading →

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