Combo Fighter: Kickstarter Preview or Strategy Guide?

Designer: Asger Johansen Artist: Snorre Krogh Publisher:Kolossal Games, Plotmaker Games Player Count: 2-4 players depending on how many decks you own Play time 15-30 minutes A prototype copy of Combo Fighter was provided by Kolossal Games for this preview. I want to thank Kolossal Games for supporting Jambalaya Plays Games. Everything you see in this... Continue Reading →

Review: Dice Throne

Designers: Manny Trembley, Nate Chatellier Art: Manny Trembley Publisher: Mind Bottling Games, Roxley Plays: 20 to 40 minutes Player Count: 2-6 players (2 player only for review) Aaaaaaah Memories. When I was around 10 years old, I would beg my mother for $10.00 to go to the mall. Yes, $10.00 got you a long way... Continue Reading →

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