Dear Artem Safarov: A Letter of Appreciation from a Solo Gamer


I was attempting to write a preview for Unbroken, but I want to take a different approach before finish it. I feel more connected to this project and the man behind it, Artem Safarov. I’m writing this letter and sharing it with you because I value people who do good business, listen to feedback, reach out to the board game community, and make good games. So here is my kiss ass letter (language language sorry).

Dear Artem Safarov,

I saw a picture of Unbroken awhile back on Twitter from this awesome blogger, What’s Eric Playing(#reviewergoals) and decided that I HAD TO get my hands on Unbroken. When I reach out to publishers, I’m hoping to get in touch with the person who is most connected to the project. Of course I want to find the person who developed the game. In most cases I usually get a response from someone on “the team” or “marketing” person. I was lucky in this case because, I was able to reach you. You immediately responded and sent me a copy with the swiftness. The conversation between you and I was fairly short, but we got off on the right foot. Then things took a little turn for the worse. I never received my kit from you and I’ve learned that sometimes things like this occur in transit. I believe you offered to send it again twice and I’m very thankful for that. You really made an effort to get the game in my hands. A little gesture like that stayed with me. I appreciate the smallest gestures.

There was something about Unbroken, I sensed it. I sensed your passion behind the project and I wanted to be part of the coverage. I seek out games like Unbroken, because they should be seen by everyone. That was one of the reasons I started the blog was to find projects like this and let more people know before about them they get lost in the shuffle of titles. I watched you from afar on Twitter, promoting hard and with genuine excitement to share your game with EVERYONE, not just the solo community of content creators. One specific moment really connected with me. Let’s say the Twitterverse was having a bit of a bad day with the topic of inclusion. The gaming community was a reacting to a very out of touch approach to a Kickstarter stretch goal (the project shall not be named). I watched and read your words carefully. I knew the characters you had already developed for Unbroken and I waited to see how you would address this situation, it’s not like you HAD TO. Unbroken already has an inclusive cast of characters, but you went one step further and inquired about how you could address this in your campaign. Right on brother, I respect you for that! Some publishers could care less and move on, but the fact you were open to feedback, willing to listen and take the extra step to address inclusion in Unbroken is huge. You’re still a humble man and appreciative to the people who believe in you and decided to invest in Unbroken. At this point it your success doesn’t surprise me.

What is so special about Unbroken to me? Maybe I’m a bit more connected to a game that has the solo player in mind first. It doesn’t seem like a hearted attempt a solo game. I don’t feel like I’m just filling 30 minutes, I’m totally immersed in the experience every time I play. At the end of the day.,I want to support a good game. When I feel the person behind the game is “good peoples”, it makes pledging even easier. My wallet has spoken!

I’m probably writing too much, but I want you to know that you deserve every bit of success with Unbroken. It’s a labor of love to the solo community and I hope it reaches more people. Keep being you and continue to make wonderful gaming experiences.


Ass Kisser/Fan/solo gamer


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