Kickstarter Preview: Dreams of Tomorrow

Publisher: Weird Giraffe Games

Designer: Philip Falcon Perry

Art: James Masino

Player Count: 1-6 Players

Play time: 45 to 60 minutes
Dreams of Tomorrow is set in the future where humanity is on the brink. Players take on the roles of Dream Engineers, that weave together beautiful dreams and hopefully put enough positive vibes in the people of the present to make a better future. During the game, players will move around a rondel action board to collect resources, weave and catch dreams. The Dream Cards have abilities that can affect the field of play in various ways. Players score the most points by collecting Dream Cards and weaving them into their Dream Sequence (player area). How the cards are organized will trigger additional bonuses at the end of the game. Play ends after one player has four or five Dream Cards in their Dream Sequence. The player with the most wins.

Quick Overview

For this preview, I decided to make a short overview of the gameplay. I think the combination of having a rondel action board and multiple powers that can trigger should be explained in video form. Hope you like it.

Why Should I Back Dreams of Tomorrow?

  • The solo mode is challenging and fun to play. I havent won a game on the easiest yet, but I need to get beat up by a solo mode. Simple activation system for the AI, same gameplay for you. If you would like to see the solo mode in action check out Beyond Solitaire on Youtube.
  • The art is beautiful in its prototype form and I can’t wait to see the final version
  • I like games where you can earn resources on off turns. I actually have to pay attention
  • I learned not to chase cards for points cause the lower point cards have better powers. Pro tip from a loser!
  • Smart set collection design. I can’t think of anything like it off the top of my head.

Any Concerns?

  • Take that? Some of the Dream Card abilities can change the field of play multiple times before its your turn again. Some of the abilities switch and flip the action boards. In a higher player count situation, that could be a little bothersome. Watching your first and second options get discarded hurts. I don’t mind, but some people get turned off by this kind of design choice. Using the abilities to their full potential is how you’re going to win. Don’t hate the game hate the player!

Final Impressions

Dreams of Tomorrow is the type of game I’m always on the hunt for. It has the total package of solid design, cool theme, smart gameplay, and challenging solo mode. The gameplay is balanced, the art look beautiful even in prototype form, and most importantly it’s fun to play. I didn’t talk about the solo at all in this preview, but yeesh it’s challenging. I’m not the most efficient gamer on the planet and even the easy level gave me a tough challenge. I thought having what seemed like a generous number of rounds would allow me to ease my way to victory, but that didn’t happen at all. Weird Giraffe Games has a good track record of building good solo modes into their games. I haven’t played one of their games where I thought it was a half baked experience. If you can’t tell, already I like Dreams of Tomorrow. I believe Dreams of Tomorrow will be successful and should be.

Dreams of Tomorrow Kickstarter Link

I hope this preview ill help you decide if Dreams of Tomorrow is for you. For more gaming related coverage, please stick around my blog, youtube page, and check out my live show on Friday nights at 7pm on the Board Game Revolution Facebook Group.

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